Our Story

Our story began for more than 4 years , start specifically in the space truss field, we believed and trust on our team and invest on their creativity , we believe on their thoughts to be possible to happen , our idea established in 2012 with few qualified engineers, as designers for the spaces truss structures, we were part from Alrafid steel industries. Moreover, our idea became brilliant which let the management took decision, the company structure switched from just engineering office dependent on Alrafid , to be United For Consulting Services , one of the most unique companies serving the space truss culture combined traditional type of structures and Alrafid become one of our main clients. 

Our Vision

We need to reach the Global Markets through our entrepreneurial spirit 

Our Mission

To generate and implement a strategic relationships with our customers and providing Quality, challenging, Integrity, Honesty and detailed professionalism to exceed our customer satisfactions. 


  • Highly effort to select the manpower, 
  • Develop the ethics inside the employee , feel them that they are owners and business partners, 
  • Keen on our employees with highly satisfaction and search to develop the best method in management, to spread the space truss culture.
  • To develop integrated design solutions to met the market requirements. 

Valued we added

We are seeking to exceed the expectations of our customers through the space truss culture , with our specialized team to grantee an efficient services. The achievement witch we added to space truss common design methodology, was to transfer the design concept of spaces truss structure to international used software and to customize those software to met the space truss design, fabrication and erection progress. Performing innovation for new academic trend to educate the design engineers new design concepts , to be certified as experienced space truss designers, which not known before in the Egyptian market.