Since 1977, LANIK Spain  offers own designed structure solutions. The experience gathered during all these years allows us to provide our structures with the solutions that best suit our clients’ requirements in each of the stages of the project - design, manufacturing and assembly.

Single-layer or Transparent Structures: 

Enhances even more glazed decks, where covered space stands out because of the extreme transparency. With these structures, architects and engineers can design authentic "shells", with a total absence of structural elements, where the structure hardly has thickness and seems to defy the laws of physics.

Retractable Roof:

LANIK has contributed to the latest technology in the field of structural engineering, giving substance to what were until now merely inconceivable geometries. 

 technology puts at your disposal a roofing solution which transforms an indoor facility into an open-air facility in a matter of minutes, and vice-versa.

Space Frames:

The space grid system ( Space Frame ) is an architectural solution with some qualities well differentiated over another type of structures:

Versatility and adaptability distinguish our space truss systems, whose esthetic appeal makes them ideal for small-scale awnings, and whose ability to easily accommodate point loads at almost any location makes possible the execution of long-span structures. With a track record of success in such varied applications as sports halls, shopping centers, airport concourses, airplane hangars, running walls, industrial pavilions.